About Me

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.”

-Winston Churchill

How do I begin?

Well, my name is different depending on who asks, but for the sake of simplicity I am going to refer to myself as HR. Those are the initials of my first name, and the mother’s maiden name, my name.

However, almost everyone that has ever known me knows that isn’t my actual name, but regardless this is all slightly redundant, so HR it is.

My life story is not one for the faint of heart. It includes extensive trips to mental facilities, and a plethora of horrible choices that I made due to my Borderline personality disorder, BPD. (Key part being my OWN choices, but we are not there yet) I don’t want to jump right in to the pessimistic stuff or go too much in depth in the about me, but I can say with confidence that I have learned so much from severe monumental mistakes, and whenever I can share what I learned it adds positive value to some dark moments that even now can overwhelm me to ponder over, and that is such an amazing thing to me. To see something positive come from my pain means I built something beautiful from dark matter.

My journey to discover mental stability began at the age of 13.
I am now 26. Putting me at 13 years and counting on this path. I don’t have a college degree to show that I am credible, but I don’t know what constitutes a person more as an expert than, someone with over a decade of first-hand experience. I am also now in the healthiest relationship that I have ever been in, and that is what has given me the strength to make this blog.

If you had asked me before this relationship about making this blog I would have laughed, and said how in the world can I give advice on relationships when I haven’t had a successful one of my own? Let me tell you this now then.
The main reason I know I am in a loving, healthy relationship now is because of all the ones I found that didn’t work.

I learned how to apologize and accept responsibility for my mistakes, and vice versa began to expect it from my relationship.

I found out what love is by learning what it isn’t. I implore anyone with BPD who is working on themselves to stick around for my posts. The struggles are very real. Your suffering is valid, and I want us to get through this TOGETHER.
Stay. Learn from the love of strangers that we aren’t alone. There are people who DO understand. People care about us. We are loved and not hated by the entire world, and it is with this realization that the world will become a better place.

“Through the changes of the seasons and each passing year, I’ll love you forever and ever my dear”.

-Owen Hart, I’ll love You Forever

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Some might argue that there isn’t much of a force on the planet as strong as a mother’s love, i.e. the symbolic Mother Bear.

If love wasn’t strong enough alone, the love between a mother and child transcends the simple blood and genetic similarities. If a mother considers a baby one of their own, it almost morphs that love into a super force.

My daughter is what keeps me going.