What Inspires You to Be a Good person?

Every day I wake up with one basic goal in mind.

Be a good person. Why?

The evilness and negativity in life motivates me to be better, because I understand more than some just how cold the world can be.

Sometimes it feels as if there is more tragedy in the world than good, and I strive to be one less person to perpetuate the negative energy that I feel around me on a day-to-day basis whenever I am out in public.

It seems to swirl around people like small tornadoes, sucking joy away from anything that lies within the path of destruction.

For me, knowing the truth of how cruel people can be to one another is why I choose to be a kind person, because sometimes we live in a world where giving it a taste of it’s own medicine would seem almost delightful.

Every time you choose the right decision over the popular/majority vote, you are being the bravest of the good people, because going against the grain of society isn’t exactly welcomed with an open embrace, and it is not looked upon kindly.

Being a good person is even harder of a goal to accomplish when those around you aren’t doing what is right.

The company we keep will help shape who we are as individuals. It will dictate different aspects of life by affecting the choices we make, because the people we interact with daily, will become a part of our character and daily mannerisms. Choose wisely and pay attention to character flaws in others that agitate your soul. It is leading you to a better understanding of something about yourself. Quite possibly that you personally do whatever it is the other person is doing that’s bothersome.

For example, my daughter loves to argue with me. She enjoys going back and forth, with what feels to about anything, and everything I say, as if it’s meant to be an official debate.

 Needless to say; I get frustrated, but after a while I became able to acknowledge that I do the exact same thing with other people. When I realized that the very behavior she does that I find irritating, is something I do myself, it afforded me a moment of clarity and shed light on flaws in my own character, and personality. I only want to point out that by noticing what bothers me in her behavior, it allowed me to be more mindful about how I speak to others, when I argue senselessly, and when unnecessary banter can be avoided.

I aim to be a good person, because there’s enough bad people in the world already without me contributing to the madness.

Being a good person is to be a kind person, and that’s easier said than done in numerous situations. Likewise, it can be harder to practice kindness if you are surrounded by people who aren’t kind. They would possibly look at you as if you’re acting like a goody two shoes, when in actuality it is called common human decency, and respect for one another. These are unusual concepts to a person does not look at how their negative actions affect others. It is worth noting that people who have little regard for others tend to struggle more with their feelings of self-worth, although I can personally speak on the behavior of the latter person, because it is not within my nature to be careless of others.


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