Changes of The Season

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Through each passing wave of resistance, trials of tribulation will arise. Within each tsunami, lies a seed of clarity though. A moment of stepping in to beingness.

 As voyagers of fierce storms: I am speaking to only a select few whom will dare become brave enough to dream bigger than anyone believes possible. I insist that these people will indeed, be the ones to hold the key to the universe, because the beautiful truth about knowledge falls in between the unknown, and the bridge of curiosity that urges us to understand more.

Boiling at the peak of these disaster zones, is where priceless wisdom can be brought into understanding at its highest level.

In a lot of scenarios, first-hand experience trumps all other forms of learning a subject.

Boiling points tend to do one of couple things to a human being.

This could be a life altering event in one person’s experience, or seed of an idea in a memory so mundane and subtle, that it forever changes the fabric of humanity. Depending on how far you wish to delve into metacognitive thinking, or exercising brain muscles that created quantum physics, because Science developed an entirely different branch for areas of life conventional science cannot understand, and makes even the most brilliant of minds scratch their heads.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

-Albert Einstein

Dream bigger.

These are very auspicious times we are headed towards. There is change in the air.

Good, bad, or indifferent. Plans have been placed into motion on levels that aren’t quite comfortable to think about for prolonged periods of time.

Those whom are held steadfast in their beliefs of all religious sects are being asked to arise in their purest faith, and are being called to arms against a malicious force that cannot be fully understood yet. One must possess the upmost respect of necessity for both the darkness that threatens to engulf the driving life essence that is Us, and the Source itself. To understand the adversary we are facing, we must train the brain to think in ways that don’t come naturally or conventionally.


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