Be Brave

Strength isn’t the absence of fear or failure. Rather the ability to move past one’s ultimate fears without allowing feelings of defeat to overshadow what their soul’s purpose is.

Bravery means that even when the odds are astronomically against you, you show up at the front lines ready to battle. Brave people aren’t those who fear nothing at all. A certain amount of fear is natural, and detrimental in life.

Living with the absence of fear is to live recklessly and carelessly, and the list of repercussions is significantly longer when moving through society with such impulsive, reactive behavior.   

Strength and bravery do not mean lack of fear, struggles, or hardship. The catch 20 is growth is rarely achieved without pressure. Bravery isn’t handed to those with paths less traveled, and many times, the roads that lead to growth aren’t roads or even pathways at all yet.

We evolved in to having the flight or fight response for a reason, and it has been a means to protect humanity from extinction.

Blazing new paths is essential for the continuity of mankind, but let’s pray for the trailblazers who must establish the first foot trails. Change has never come without creating rifts. Not everyone is resistant to change, but even those who understand change is eminent, cringe from moderate amounts of change if slammed with it rapidly, and unexpectedly.

Now, as a being who is aware of this knowledge, I am left with unanswered questions. I know change is detrimental to the mission. I have some level of comprehension about this unstoppable law of nature, and how it will take place whether I am okay with it or not.

With those variables being accounted for, the valuable question that begs to be answered is this.. WHO will be the SOMEONE to create these catalysts in which growth may take place?

When looking throughout history, it appears there is a pattern among great minds. They aren’t typically popular, or accepted by the majority.

From the likes of Galileo Galilei, who’s considered to be the father of modern science, to Jesus Christ, son of the Christian God. Unfortunately, because change is such a nasty business and line of work, people have a tendency to not favor anyone that challenges their comfortable status quo.

Galileo Galilei is also referred to as the “martyr of science”.


A person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle.

Jesus became a martyr in Christianity when he sacrificed himself for the sins of humanity and for what he believed to be the truth.

Galileo died in the name of his belief of Science, leading to the fundamental beginnings of Newtonian laws, and how we know Science to be today. When he was alive, the principles Galileo spoke of were entirely unheard of at the time. He was the first to challenge the ideology that is Earth the center of the Universe.

I am making this comparison to show the similarities in their bravery despite the fact, the people I am comparing fought for two different sides of the puzzle.

Any time you face a fear, get outside of your comfort zone, or fight to be yourself in a world full of conformists, you are being brave. Anyone can be brave. Anyone can be a genius, and everyone has the ability to build the life they truly desire. Co-signing to societies’ ideology of a successful life is no longer applicable. Throw it out the window.

Bravery is going against the grain.

Bravery is choosing principles, and integrity over popularity, and acceptance.

Should you choose to embrace this role and step into your truest form, live with understanding that you are now responsible for sharing this bravery with the collective. Be brave enough to stand alone if the situation calls for it, but also remember you aren’t truly alone.


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