The Train of Light is pulling into the station!

Be prepared. 

While my blog site is geared more specifically towards mental illness and relationships, I am letting you know ahead of time to get prepared for my website to be flooded with inspirational, and positive messages!! I gain my inspiration through words of encouragement, and words of wisdom. Whenever I am scrolling, those are the first posts that catch my eye, because so often the internet is filled negative, provoking content. 

With 50+ percent of the world using the internet on a constant basis, it’s easier now more than ever to spread hate filled propaganda. 

There are 7.83 billion people in the world. 4.66 billion of them are active Internet users.  


The average Internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day. (  


With so many people on social media and the internet for extensive periods of time, it has become more transparent how those in power stand to gain from keeping everyone divided, and miserable.  

The most sure-fire way to control the population is through control of information, and they know it. 

“Those who control the information control the people.”  

-George Orwell, Animal Farm

Our media floods every platform with products that are geared to “improve” us. 

Makeup, weight loss pills, expensive clothes, etc. TV tells us to love ourselves as we are, and in the same breath, it perpetuates the ideology of not being good enough. 

The mindset that; we are too fat, too skinny, not enough of this, or *insert other self-limiting belief*. 

This continues, because trillion dollar industries depend upon us feeling this way about ourselves. 


Based on the statistics (, more people are acknowledging how different aspects of the internet, like the ones mentioned above, only make life worse. We would rather not even use it to avoid “fear mongering” news.  

To “fear monger” is to purposely put out news that causes an uprise of public fear. 

 When people live in a constant state of fear, they’re more prone to react in a defensive way, and become more emotionally charged.  When someone is consistently in this frame of mind, it directly affects their ability to make sound choices, and makes them an easy target to be manipulated.  

There are so many industries that depend on our misery. Our sicknesses. Mind, body, spiritual, etc. 

What is the sole motivation for all of this? Money. 



It is when we stop caring for the fellow man, and only for ourselves, that our hearts become corrupt with darkness. 

Through showing compassion, empathy, and acceptance for others, is what will trigger the growth so badly needed all over the world. 

I don’t believe in a utopian society. 

I know we won’t ever all completely get a long, I get that. However, I DO BELIEVE each of us has the capability to add something beautiful into this world, one small ripple at a time. 

I choose to see the light. 

Even in the darkest of moments, because I have reached a level of understanding that there can be no darkness without light, and it’s the shadows we fear, that create depth in life. 

Within us, we must make the choice between feeding the demons of the world and being the spark of light that ignites global rebirth.  

I can’t make that choice for anyone but myself. 

I can’t make everyone agree with what I believe to be true, and right. What I can do though, is make the decision to walk with love, and grace everywhere I go.  

I can choose to smile at a stranger. To help someone with no reason, because you don’t need a reason to do something nice for others.  

I aim to heal everything I touch, and I hope to be around to watch Our World have the glow up that is slowing coming into fruition.  

I have an insatiable passion for words, and I believe in the power of words.  

The ones we say to ourselves, as well as to others. 

So, I choose to use this knowledge to my advantage. 

I am using the very same tactics that keep us so deeply miserable, only for our greatest benefit as human beings instead.  

Deep down, we all want to feel understood, to feel cared for, and to have a sense of belonging (even those who say they don’t). It is in human nature. 

The world can be cruel. Supremely, exponentially brutal. Ask anyone from a toddler to an elderly person, the world is not fair. It just isn’t.  

I could tell you about things people have done that would make your blood curdle, and that’s how it is all over the world. Humans are capable of the most horrendous acts. 

Things that still astonish me even though I am completely aware of what kind of evil exists. 

I think most of us know this to be the case, BUT also know, We DO have the power to fix it!! 

Spread kindness wherever you can, whenever you can. Share your smile with the world.  

Just imagine how it will feel when those small selfless acts, that we can all make, are going to be the catalyst to mending our differences. This is what’s going to elevate, and catapult humanity further than we ever have to date.  

We all have the power to make a difference. Use this to your advantage, because the power truly comes from within, and it dwells within every one of Us.   


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