I have Borderline.

I will start with this small disclaimer: I do not currently have any college degrees. I do not have a fancy portfolio. What I do have is a wealth of knowledge of personal experience, and a whole lot of empathy for those who know the struggle is real.

I have been seeing therapists, psychiatrists, and taking medications since I was 13. Now at the age of 26, I have been to psychiatric facilities 7 times, and collectively have 100s of hours of different therapies, coping skills, and tools that I believe work for me (I have had a more than mild case with my BPD too)

I have the overwhelming sense that I need to tell others of the knowledge/wisdom I have gained over the years, because from my own situations I know just how BRUTALLY hard it is to live with BPD. A lot of this wisdom I learned the very hard way. It took a lot of soul searching, and humbling myself to look inward and accept my own mistakes(toxic behaviors),but after years of hard work I finally have found myself in a healthy relationship with the most caring, sweetest man I have ever met! Now that I know for a FACT it is possible, I want to scream it from the mountain tops.

I am strongly empathetic, and I believe being caring to one another is how we will make the world a better place. I want to offer some kind of platform for uplifting, positive content. While also being a hub of information from and for anyone who is need of guidance in relationships of any kind. LIFE IS HARD! I only want to add goodness to the world and be one less person spreading hatred. Why do I think this is vital information? It is;

  1. For the sake of personal peace of mind! My BPD can be like a raging storm! The more we can learn from others on here about triggers, and other emotional impulses, the easier it becomes to identify those things and— control those emotional impulse reactions.
  2. For the sake of your relationship! People with BPD- if we are being honest with ourselves, our tendency to have explosive outbursts (sometimes completely unjustifiable) could be enough to take a toll on anyone.

I hate sounding preachy, but I think there is no better person to speak on a subject than someone who knows things first hand. Things that can only be learned by experiencing them.

Through so many wrong turns, dead ends, bumps in the road, and detours, I am finally leading down a road of building a fulfilling life of value and love. Due to the plethora of mistakes I have made in the past, whenever I can pass along wisdom that could keep someone else from making the same mistake and it resonates with them, it adds so much purpose to my soul, and is such a gratifying feeling.

Why I Am So Glad You Are Here

  • Most lessons in life, I have learned the very hard way. It was only until recent when talking to a teenager about her relationship at that time, or talking with a cousin who also has BPD, that I realized there may actually be value in the things I know. I could possibly help others from my screw ups! Which is really the best I could hope for.
  • The website is currently geared towards mental illness, BPD and otherwise in relationships, but I hope to broaden the horizons of topics to whatever anyone wants to discuss!
  • I hope to reach everyone! I would like to convey positive messages of encouragement and unity in the hopes that it can reach as many like minded people as possible.
  • I admin for a group on Facebook called Our Gaia Experience where the basis of the page is spreading love, and light for every being. This is the kind of atmosphere I want to create for this page, which is inclusive to anyone searching for that kind of peace and ease.

When we change the “i” in illness to “we” it becomes wellness

As a society, we are better when we work together, and that is what I advocate for on this page.

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